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If you are looking for a fresh, creative vision for your pool project, you have found the right place!

The Pool and Spa Place construction team, led by designer Kevin Roche, is shaking things up in the 'Burgh.  Offering a wide array of customization to our projects has our customers creating spaces in their backyards they've never imagined.  From creative concrete construction, to one-of-a-kind pool designs, there are no limitations to what their team of builders and artists can do.  

“People have expectations for the physical aspects of their projects,” explains Kevin. “I know it's my job to deliver more than that.  I am there to change their lives, to add an experience to their home they've never even realized." 

It's no secret, in our climate there are only so many months each year to enjoy our pools, so let's fill those months with incredible memories, like the ones you bring home from a resort!





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