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We promise to bring you and experience to remember.  From our initial design consultation to putting the finishing touches on the project we are here to listen and advise.  With our expert guidance, you can design your own dream destination right in your backyard.  When you are ready to build that dream back yard, give us a call and Kevin will meet with you to help you along the way!



Why do we do it?

- Kevin Roche

When I was 17 years old my parents decided to start a pool business.  Before they did they came to me one night and asked, "If we start a pool company, would you want to help?"  I have always loved pools, to me all of the best places to be were around water.  Swimming pools bring that experience home.  So naturally after thinking about it for a moment I said, "Sure."  Since that day my passion has only grown.  It's exciting to be a part of bringing that experience to people.  Starting out as a retail store and pool service company has given me a bit of a unique perspective in my pool design process.  Because I used to be a service tech (aka "pool boy") I design my pools to be aesthetic, but also easy to maintain, because that's what I would want.  

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